Donkey Drawn Renewable Solar Energy E-Library

The computer has revolutionized every work place and every community facet. Rural communities, however, seem to be lagging behind in what seems to be the most important revolution.
The project consists of a donkey drawn cart on which there is a computer that works on solar energy.

This is quite a development that brings the power of information to previously excluded rural communities.
This is expected to address the anomalies between rural and urban communities, between women and men and between young people and old people, in terms of access to ICTs.
ICTs have become the major driver of the information age bringing a wealth of information to those who can access them.
The Internet has turned into the world's biggest library with search engines such as google and yahoo offering a lot of information at he click of a finger. 
Donkeys are the most used draught power in Zimbabwe's rural areas. Using them in this project is a case of exploiting a readily available resource in the community.