Rural Libraries and Resources Development Programme (RLRDP) is a community based NGO that was founded in January 1990. The aim of the programme is the establishment and development of viable and relevant rural/school community libraries. The programme works in partnership with rural schools/communities.

RLRDP has facilitated the established 300 rural school/community libraries, 15 donkey drawn mobile libraries and 120 book delivery bicycles. Twelve of the donkey drawn mobile libraries are designated to children’s literature.

A Library Management Committee (LMC) is established at each library centre and takes care of the day-to-day operations of the library. A set of guidelines on the setting up of an LMC, drafting of a library constitution, rules & regulations of a library are provided to all new applicants.

The majority of RLRDP member libraries operate from either primary or secondary school with most of them found in primary schools. Each library differs in size and volume of books.

Once a library becomes an affiliate of RLRDP, it receives support in the form of print and non-print material and the training of library staff and library management committees.

In response to the demands for rural libraries, RLRDP produced a Manual for Rural Libraries in 1992 and revised it in 1999. This is a help yourself manual that assists untrained librarians in the management of a rural library. There are also short courses targeted at teacher & community librarians that are designed and conducted by RLRDP staff.